“Eddie Biebel is one of the most innovative guitarists in the industry today. He plays with a natural fluidity that defies belief. The man can honestly perform the work of three different players simultaneously.”
– Real Country

“This may well be old news, but this cat’s tone blows me away. It’s the most naked, unadorned, recorded Tele tone I’ve ever heard. Here’s a player who gives himself absolutely nothing to hide behind, not even reverb! And, to me, it sounds gorgeous. I find his angular, Charlie-Christian-meets-Chet-Atkins brand of rockabilly nothing short of inspiring. Check out the link: What amazes me is that Eddie can play for 3 hours and never repeat himself. He has so many ideas to pull from and he does it effortlessly.”
– Guitar Forum

“You guys who dig the western swing thing like Joe Maphis, Deke Dickerson and all those other cats, you should get busy checking out Eddie Biebel! Eddie Biebel plays  killer electric lead guitar! Eddie is beyond incredible, a perfect blend of country and western swing. It’s all the great western swing guitar you could want to hear and then some.” – Guitar Blog

“Eddie Biebel is fantastic! If you’d like to hear a guitar player with the cleanest, richest tone you’ve ever heard and an imagination that links together every idea ever played on a guitar in Nashville between 1945 and 1965, you owe it to yourself to hear this guy!”- Guitar Forum

“Oh my Lord, Eddie Biebel on guitar. He makes it look effortless! Whoa! Measure of talent and years of practice aside, even if I had six fingers on each hand and a brand new set of neurons, I couldn’t do that!”
– Internet Blog

“Love Eddie’s music! Acoustic or electric, Eddie smokes!”
– review at

“One of the best. Style and talent extraordinaire!”
– review at